The WasteWell Basics

How does your curbside composting service work?

Our service is a simple two-step.

Step 1: Fill your Swell Well, our fancy name for a five-gallon compost bucket, with compostable items. Not sure what you can compost? Check out the list of items we accept in your Swell Well!

Step 2: Leave your Swell Well out for us to pick up on your scheduled day. We’ll empty the organic waste from your bucket and deliver them to our composting facility.

And Repeat. Yep! It’s that easy.

Here are more details about how our curbside compost collection service works.

What is a Swell Well?

At WasteWell, we think composting is pretty swell, and the Swell Well is the most important piece of our relationship. A Swell Well is our fancy name for the 5-gallon bucket we give to you in which you store your food scraps until we swing by to pick them up. It’s what brings us together.

Why did you start WasteWell?

We started WasteWell to make it crazy simple to help you clean up and ‘green up’ your trash (and majorly help the planet while you’re at it). We help you keep your organic waste out of the landfill and find a home in a compost pile.

Food scraps and yard waste do so much environmental damage in a landfill but are a huge boost to the environment for a variety of reasons when they properly decompose in a compost pile.

We know not everyone loves to play in the dirt. We created WasteWell to help anyone and everyone who likes the idea of composting but either can’t or doesn’t want to manage it themselves. We’ve got you covered!

What is the name all about?

We want to help you ‘do good’ with your trash and, well, WasteGood just didn’t have the same ring to it. So we help you ‘do well’ with your waste. Also, we give you a little bucket, or well, in which to collect all that organic waste that we don’t want to send to the landfill. The double meaning just felt right. We hope you like the name as much as we do.