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We provide composting consultation services and composting resources to help anyone to learn to compost at home in a variety of ways. We also offer curbside compost collection services for those in our local community. Check out our composting resources or sign up for our curbside compost collection services!

let us do the heavy lifting

Sign up for our curbside composting services if you live in our service area.

Say goodbye to waste and hello to a healthier planet.

We think composting is pretty swell. That’s why we offer curbside composting services and composting educational resources. You can easily join our composting cohort by composting at home or letting us do the dirty work for you (if you live in our neck of the woods).

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What is WasteWell?

WasteWell™ provides local curbside composting services in our community as well as resources to teach you how to compost at home.

If you live in our service area, we can pick up your organic waste and deliver it to a local composting facility to be turned into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

For those who want to compost themselves, we have lots of resources to help you find the right composting method for your lifestyle and learn how to compost at home!

How Does Composting Work?

How Does Composting Work?

What Is Composting? Composting is nature’s recycling process. Basically, it’s the way nature breaks down organic waste (like food scraps and yard waste) into nutrients that new plants can use to grow. Lots of different nutrients in the soil make the soil really healthy (much like having diverse nutrients in our bodies), and healthy soil…