What is WasteWell?

About WasteWell

We think composting is pretty swell. That’s why we offer compost consulting services, local curbside composting services, composting educational resources, and a DIY composting resource library! You can easily join our composting cohort by composting at home or letting us do the dirty work for you.

Our founder has been composting for many years. She loves the benefits of composting (hello… less trash and a healthier planet) and also thinks the science of composting is pretty stinkin’ neat. #compostnerd

After writing an awful lot about composting on her blog, Honestly Modern, and touting the benefits of composting to anyone who would listen, she set aside her corporate career to play in the dirt and help others turn spoiled food into healthy soil.

Now we drive around town picking up organic waste and turning it into soil treasure. We also offer a host of educational resources if you’d prefer to compost on your own or grab a few friends to learn more about composting through one of our webinars or classes.

We think healthy soil is a pretty big deal and an important step toward making our communities and the environment a whole lot healthier. We hope you agree and would love to make composting easier for you.

Want to join us on our mission to save the soil? Are you ready to put your food scraps to work in exchange for a cleaner kitchen, reduced trash, and a healthier planet?

Want us to do the composting dirty work for you? If you live in our service area, sign up to reserve your Swell Well (our fancy name for our 5-gallon organic waste buckets) and start composting with us!

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

~ Native american proverb

Curbside Composting Service

Our Mission

Composting is pretty simple and so is our mission. We want to make it easy (and cool!) for everyone to compost. There are lots of different ways to compost at home, including composting yourself or using a curbside composting service to do it for you. No matter which camp you’re in, we’re here for you.

We know that compost pick-up service isn’t the right composting method for everyone. We provide a variety of online resources and offer educational programs to teach more people how to make the eco-friendly lifestyle choice to compost themselves.

We also understand that lots of people have neither the resources nor the desire to manage compost on their own, so we offer composting services as well! We want to provide a super simple option for those who want to compost but aren’t ready or interested to take it on themselves.

As more people compost, hopefully, it becomes something everyone does without a second thought. And we’ll be there all along the way to help our mission come to fruition.