All The Details On Our Curbside Composting Service

How It Works

Want to know how composting works? Here’s our primer. Tl;dr: Composting doesn’t stink (it actually smells kind of sweet), and it’s really good for the environment.

As for our service, it’s a simple two-step.

Step 1: Fill your Swell Well, our fancy name for a five-gallon compost bucket, with compostable items. Not sure what you can compost? Check out the list of items we accept in your Swell Well!

Step 2: Leave your Swell Well out for us to empty on your scheduled day. We’ll collect the organic waste from your bucket and deliver it to our local composting partner facility.

And Repeat. Yep! It’s that easy.

Did we mention we give your bucket a quick swipe and clean each time we empty it? Pretty rad, right?

Bonus: Each spring, we offer customers up to 40 pounds of finished compost delivered to your home as part of your subscription! During this period, we also offer additional compost for sale for those who want more than 40 pounds.


We pick up once every two weeks. If you think you’ll need more than one five-gallon bucket, just add an extra bucket to your order at checkout.

Bi-Weekly Curbside Composting

Monthly Subscription
Pay each month.
  • Bi-weekly curbside composting service.
  • Try one month free!
Annual Subscription
Pay annually. Get one month free!
  • Bi-weekly curbside composting service.
  • Try one month free!

Give $5. Get $5!

Want to invite your whole neighborhood or home owner’s association into the WasteWell composting club? We think that’s swell. Everyone’s welcome!

We offer referral credits when you convince your friends and neighbors to ditch their smelly trash and help our planet by signing up for our service. Check out all the details about our earning Referral Discounts. There’s no limit on how many referral credits you can earn, so invite your friends and watch the credits pile up!

Service Area

Not sure if you’re in our service area? See our service area here.