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WasteWell and our founder, Jen Panaro, have been featured in various media outlets (podcasts, web, and print). You can also find us active in our local community. For press inquiries, please contact

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WasteWell In The Local Community

We believe that strong local communities hinge on a vibrant local economy as well as active community involvement from businesses and residents. We’re best when we work together and support educational, cultural, social, and community organizations. Here are some of the local organizations WasteWell supports through financial and other contributions.

Kennett Square Farmer’s Market

WasteWell is a sponsor of the KSQ Farmers Market, a Program of Kennett Collaborative, the Non-Profit Working to Keep Kennett Square Vibrant.

We enjoyed connecting with others in our community at the Pollination Celebration Series in August 2021.

Rachel Kohl Community Library: Sustainability Series

WasteWell hosted a three-part Sustainability Series for the Rachel Kohl Community Library Children’s Summer Program in the summer of 2021. The series included: How To Build a Soilarium, Exploring Methane Emissions from Landfills, and How To Build a Sprout House activities free for library patrons.

Community Events With Customers

WasteWell hosts periodic community events with customers. For Earth Day, some of our customers invited their friends and neighbors to learn more about composting and try the landfill emissions experiment (in collaboration with Raising Global Kidizens) to learn more about why it’s so important to keep food scraps out of our landfills. Learning isn’t just for kids!

Chadds Ford Art Show & Sale

WasteWell is a sponsor of the Chadds Ford Art Show & Sale where we connect with members of our community who are passionate about supporting local artists as well as educational and extracurricular activities for some of our youngest community members.

WasteWell in the Global Community

While we love showing up in our local community, we also know each of us has a role in the global effort to collaborate and take climate action. In addition to providing local curbside composting services as well as online educational composting resources, WasteWell contributes to initiatives to support large-scale climate action.

Stripe Climate

At WasteWell, we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal through the Stripe Climate program. The process of composting contributes to carbon sequestration through the soil, and our participation in the Stripe Climate program offers another way for our customers to see their purchases reduce the global carbon levels.