7 Places To Buy Local Flowers in the Brandywine Valley Area

Wondering where to buy local flowers in the Brandywine Valley area? Check out this list of seven flower farms and florists in our local area who can help you create beautiful bouquets and adorn your events with gorgeous floral arrangements of flowers from our own community.

We are fortunate to have lots of open space and some amazing flower farms in our area. Passionate florists and fresh-cut flower farmers bring a bounty of beautiful bouquets to our community. Whether you want a traditional arrangement delivered to your home, a flower share to pick up each week in your area, or a Build Your Own Bouquet experience that comes to you, there are lots of options in our community to support local business with your floral needs.

Below, we’ve shared a list of several flower farms and florists in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas who can help you brighten up your space with local fresh-cut flowers.

As a local curbside composting company serving the Brandywine Valley and surrounding areas, we love to see gorgeous flowers adding color to so many spaces. They’re quite the treat too when we find them in our buckets during compost pick up (after they’ve lived a good life in our customers’ homes, of course).

If you want to help us preserve the health of our local ecosystem and have lots of harvests of fresh flowers for many years to come, check out our curbside composting services. If you want to compost on your own, we’re happy to offer composting educational programs as well!

Now, onto the amazing flower professionals you can find right here in our local community!

Brandywine Valley Flower Farms

There are several local flower farms in the Brandywine Valley area. Here are a few where you can find amazing fresh flowers to brighten up any space.

The Farm At Oxford

Best For | Flower shares + Bulbs to grow your own

Location | Oxford, Pennsylvania

Where To Buy | You can pick up flowers from The Farm at Oxford farm as well as worKS in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. They also offer flower shares with pickup locations throughout their service area which includes Devon, West Chester, Glen Mills, Kennett Square, and more.

Instagram | @thefarmatoxford

The Farm At Oxford’s cut flower business specializes in locally grown peonies, dahlias, roses, spring bulbs, and companion perennials. They also host events at their farm. You can find more details about their events, including their seasonal Friends of the Farm membership, on their website.

Be sure to follow the farm on Instagram for updates on sales, what’s blooming, events at the farm, and lots of gorgeous photos of local flowers in season!

Styer’s Peonies

Best For | Peony Bouquets, Peony Roots, and the annual Peony Festival

Location | Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Where To Buy | Online for delivery or at their Peony Festival

Instagram | @styerspeonies

Styer’s Peonies specializes in peonies of lots of varieties (as their name suggests). Though the home nursery is located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, they have farms in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland to serve clients up and down the East Coast. In addition to fresh-cut peony bouquets, they also sell peony roots so you can grow your own gorgeous peony flowers.

For those in the local area, enjoy their annual Peony Festival to see 25 acres of more than 55,000 peonies in bloom! You can purchase tickets to walk or drive through the fields. Be sure to get tickets early because they tend to sell out!

Selah Flower Farm

Best For | Seasonal bouquets and pick-your-own tulips, daffodils, dahlias, and sunflowers

Location | Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Where To Buy | Schedule You-Pick appointments on their website

Instagram | @selahflowerfarm

Selah Flower Farm specializes in You-Pick flower experiences on their Kennett Square farm. They offer different types of flowers depending on the season. Be sure to follow them on social media or subscribe to their newsletter to know when flowers are blooming and appointments become available to pick your own bouquets!

Brandywine Valley Flower Truck

If you prefer to have your flowers delivered to you, consider checking out this mobile flower truck. This is such a neat way to share the beauty of flowers with so many in the local community.

Madeline’s Flower Truck

Best For | Build Your Own Bouquet (around Philadelphia)

Location | Philadelphia Metro Area

Where To Buy | Check their Instagram page for locations, updated each week, or contact them to show up at your special event.

Instagram | @madelinesflowertruck

Madeline’s Mobile Flower Shop travels around the Philadelphia metro area to lead B.Y.O.B. (Build Your Own Bouquet) workshops. The truck carries buckets of greeneries, fillers, and focal flowers, most of which are locally sourced. You can also purchase pre-made bouquets but the B.Y.O.B. option seems so fun!

They have a weekly schedule of local stops that they post on their Instagram page. You can also reach out directly if you’d like to host a local B.Y.O.B. workshop at a special event of your own.

Brandywine Valley Local Florist Shops

If you’re looking for local florists who can hep you build lovely bouquets, deliver flowers to friends and family, and provide gorgeous floral arrangements for you next local event, consider one of these Brandywine Valley local flower shops right in our own neighborhood.

Green Meadows Florist

Best For | Floral Gift Bouquets, Wedding + Event Flowers

Location | Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Where To Buy | Online For Local Delivery

Instagram | @greenmeadowsflorist

Green Meadows Florist has been around the Brandywine Valley floral scene for decades. They specialize in weddings, small business and corporate events throughout the Philadelphia area. Their team of floral designers special designs for all sorts of events. They also run a flower farm to compliment their business and support clients who request fresh, locally grown flowers.

Joyful Fields Floral Design

Best For | Bouquets of local grown flowers for small events

Location | Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Where To Buy | Contact online or call for more details

Instagram | @joyfulfieldsfloral

Joyful Fields’ owner, Carolyn Brady, developed a passion for creating gorgeous floral bouquets for friends and family using flowers she grows on her own property. She turned her passion into a business and now provides floral design services for those in the Brandywine Valley area using primarily flowers grown in her own backyard or sourced from other local flower farms.

Wild Thyme

Best For | Classic floral arrangements for a variety of events

Location | Centerville, Delaware

Where To Buy | Call, order online, or stop into their store

Instagram | @wildthymeshop

Wild Thyme is a lovely floral shop located in a historic part of Centerville, Delaware. They offer local delivery of floral arrangements perfect for friends or family. They can also help you brighten up an event with a variety of flowers and arrangements to fit your event.

Healthy Soil For Gorgeous Flowers

Healthy soil with plenty of compost builds a rich ecosystem under the blooms and helps to create amazing floral bouquets. If you love beautiful flowers, consider composting your food and floral waste to reduce your landfill waste and make the ecosystem in our local community healthier.

Sending organic waste to the landfill is pretty crummy for the environment. WasteWell picks up food scraps, floral arrangement remnants, and even your fresh cut flowers after they’ve run their course to ensure they are composted in our community. Then their nutrients can return to the soil to feed it for future bouquets of amazing flowers!

Check out how pretty our customers’ compost buckets are when we empty them for curbside composting. Even when they’re done adorning your space, your beautiful flowers keep on giving!

WasteWell offers residential and commercial curbside composting services in the Brandywine Valley area. We make composting super simple and do all the heavy lifting for you so you can reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re a flower shop or simply a fan of floral arrangements brightening up your home, check out our curbside composting services for residential and commercial customers to see if they are a good fit for you!

Note regarding images: Images for each brand are from the websites of each of the respect flower companies.