Join The Show Off Your Scraps Community Challenge

We like our compost piles hot (that’s how the science of composting works), and we want to make composting cool! We think the best way to do that is to tell all your friends that you’re doing it! After all, if the cool kids are composting, won’t everyone join in? 

We started the #ShowOffYourScraps community challenge to encourage more people to try composting. We hope that by sharing how simple composting is and how many different ways there are to do it, we can build momentum and confidence in others that they can compost too. 

Composting reduces waste, rebuilds soil, captures carbon, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s make composting cool and encourage others to be good stewards to the planet (and especially to their local communities) by composting their organic waste instead of tossing it in the trash.

Will you join us in the #ShowOffYourScraps community challenge? Simply snap a photo of each container of food scraps you compost (a bowl, a bucket, a bag, it all counts) and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @wastewell and use #ShowOffYourScraps so we can count your compost. We’re hoping to collectively compost at least 20,021 containers of food scraps in 2021, and we want you to help us get there!

We’ll count all the buckets of compost we pick up from our amazing customers and all the bowls of compost our team brings out to their own compost bins. We’ll track all of your submissions and post updates on how far along we are toward our goal. Every bucket or bowl (or whatever container) counts toward our community total, and hopefully, we’ll encourage new composters to join the crew along the way. Are you in? #ShowOffYourScraps

But to reach our goal, we definitely need your help. We hope you can Show Off Your Scraps and be counted in our adventure celebrating 20,021 containers of compostables that avoid the landfill.

Want to know more? Here’s our Show Off Your Scraps FAQ.

What is the Show Off Your Scraps Community Challenge?

Show Off Your Scraps (#ShowOffYourScraps) is a collective effort to highlight the power and value of composting. We want everyone to see how easy it is to compost and learn about the many different ways we can compost.

We hope you’ll join us and show off your scraps by sharing when you collect a container of compostables. We want to create a collection of ideas about how to compost that is as diverse as the items we put in our compost piles and inspire others to join along.

How Can I Participate?

Simply snap a photo of your container of organic waste before you dump it in your bin, send it off in your bucket, or whisk it away to wherever you put it when it’s ready to return to the soil.

Post it on either Facebook or Instagram (your feed, Stories, Reels – it all counts, so use the sharing method you like best) and be sure to include #showoffyourscraps and tag @wastewell so we can count your container of food scraps as we work toward reaching our goal of counting 20,021 containers of compost in 2021.

What Counts As A Container Of Compost?

A bag, a bucket, a box.
A cup, a can, a crock.
A towel, a tub, a tin
A bowl, a basket, a bin
A kerchief, a vase, or a wrap
Anything that holds your food scraps.

We hope you liked our little poem and can’t wait to see what containers you use to collect and carry your compostables.

Can I Participate More Than Once?

Heck yeah! And we hope you do. We’ll count each and every container of scraps you share. We love repeat and frequent contributors.

Where Must I Live To Participate?

Planet Earth (the place we’re trying to protect)

Do I Have To Process The Compost Myself?

Nope! Whether you manage your own bin, drop it at a local farm or community garden, have it picked up by a private or municipal composting service, or use some other composting method, we want to count your container of compost.

Even if you use a pick up service other than WasteWell and/or you’re outside our service area, we want to count your container of compost. We all need to work together to our protect our planet, and we want anyone and everyone to join in this community challenge to reduce waste and rebuild our planet’s soil.

You Hope To Count How Many Containers of Compostables?!

20,021 between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021. We know it seems like a lot (at least to us), but we want this challenge to reach far and wide. We definitely can’t do this alone, so we really hope you’ll help us!

Every container counts, so don’t underestimate the value of your contribution and your power to share this community challenge with others to help us reach our goal. We can’t thank you enough!

Can I Tell My Family & Friends To Participate Too?

We sure hope you do! The more the merrier. There are never too many people doing their part to live a more eco-friendly life and nurture Mother Nature.

Sounds Cool But I Don’t Compost? How Do I Get Started?

This might be our favorite question! We have lots of resources about How To Compost At Home, so check out the Resource Guide for a bunch of information about how to get started composting wherever you live. Our guide includes lots of information about how to start composting, what to compost at home, different ways to compost, and so much more.

What Happens When You Reach Your Goal?

Notice we didn’t say “if” we reach our goal.🙂 We haven’t decided yet how we’re going to celebrate. If you have any ideas, reach out and let us know. We’d love to hear them.

What Inspired This Community Challenge?

We crossed paths with the Burgess family and loved their Just1Bag2020 campaign. We saw it take off and loved how one small change could inspire others to follow suit. What started as a little project for them flourished into something so much bigger, and it inspired us to start something similar.

Have another question that we missed? Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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